what winter looks like

I missed last month...shame on me.  I am part of a group called what__looks like.  I was lucky enough to be a part of it last year and it is just one of those groups of women that is dripping talent, thought, and creativity.  I have had to pare back some of the photo groups I am involved with so that I make sure I focus on making art and not just posting.  But I could not leave this group.

Each month we all photograph our lives...the big and small.  It is just a way to record and memorialize what is happening.  

This month we stayed inside a lot.  We spent time watching the snow, trying on my old dance costumes, sleeping, and learning to whistle.

So please be sure to click and check out the insanely talented and darling Sarah Cornish.

My Four Hens Photography out of colorado.  If you do not know her work you will love it...hands down without a doubt.