We will discuss  (via video conference) 7 images that you select.  We will walk through each image together.  I will offer critique in regards to editing for story.  This is for those really looking how to make each image tell a story.  We will get nit picky about technical aspects like lighting, composition, point of view, and also delve into style, voice, and emotional editing.

1 hour


Includes an honest and detailed review of 15 images.  We will chat (via online video conference) and look over a  cohesive body of work that you have preselected. We will talk about style, voice, editing consistency, and technical aspects.  We will also cover culling your images for the overall strongest portfolio in regards to story and/or image flow. 

1 -1.5 hours

PROJECT MENTORING | $150 per session

No matter where you are on your project journey we can discuss the next steps forward.  Sometimes you don't know how to get the ball rolling or you get started and loose your way.  Projects have a way of veering off course. We will start our discussion by looking over 10-20 images from your project.  Then we will discuss ways forward and how to keep on top of your project so that you actually finish rather than letting it languish on your computer.  We can schedule these every few months if you want regular check ins.

1 - 1.5 hours