INTO SOMETHING BETTER - Tuscany, Italy, June 2017

We spent the last month in Italy.  I know, I know.  Crazy.  And it was.  From the experiences, to the food, to the drivers, to the blooming jasmine.  We specifically looked for places to stay that our children would have some room to run around outside.  As that is something our current home lacks.  This project "Into Something Better" is a group of artist mothers from all over the world who are turning off the tv/video games and working hard to get out kids outside. We will freelense our adventures into the wild and share them through this monthly project. I am super honored to be joining these ladies in a "freelensing" .  Freelensing takes time, dedication, and patience...much like mothering.  Next up is Heidi Burtch in Alaska.  Definitely check her work out...the landscape and wildness is stunning.  Enjoy the full circle.  

Sleeping In The Forest by Mary Oliver

I thought the earth remembered me,

She took me back so tenderly

Arranging her skirts

Her pockets full of lichens and seeds.

I slept as never before

A stone on the riverbed,

Nothing between me and the white fire of the stars,

But my thoughts.

And they floated light as moths

Among the branches of the perfect trees.

All night I heard the small kingdoms

Breathing around me.

The insects and the birds

Who do their work in darkness.

All night I rose and fell,

As if water, grappling with luminous doom.

By morning I had vanished at least a dozen times

Into something better.

what June looks like

June has come and gone.  I braced myself this summer.  I made almost no plans for the kids except for a few swim lessons.  But the weeks still seem to be flying by.  We have filled our days with backyard play, raspberry picking, music, swim lessons, gardening, and taking the time to watch and feel the summer storms roll through every evening. 

Check out DeAnna McCasland next.  Her images make my jaw drop open every time. 

10 on 10 June

We spent a few days camping this week with some awesome people and their kiddos.   We made our way back up to our home state of Wyoming.  Both my husband and I are from Wyoming so it sits close to our hearts.  Once we hit the state line all feels right and good. 

Check out Jen Downer's 10 on 10 here


what winter looks like

I missed last month...shame on me.  I am part of a group called what__looks like.  I was lucky enough to be a part of it last year and it is just one of those groups of women that is dripping talent, thought, and creativity.  I have had to pare back some of the photo groups I am involved with so that I make sure I focus on making art and not just posting.  But I could not leave this group.

Each month we all photograph our lives...the big and small.  It is just a way to record and memorialize what is happening.  

This month we stayed inside a lot.  We spent time watching the snow, trying on my old dance costumes, sleeping, and learning to whistle.

So please be sure to click and check out the insanely talented and darling Sarah Cornish.

My Four Hens Photography out of colorado.  If you do not know her work you will love it...hands down without a doubt.


10 on 10 january

I was so honored to be invited into this group called 10 on 10.  We all have unique views and lives.  All capturing 10 images from our lives in one given month.  We then post them on the 10th of each month.   


To continue the circle check out Heather Robinson Photography  to see her 10 images and glimpse into her world.


Coming into the New Year

I haven't set all my photography goals for this year but I have a few that my husband has taken liberty of writing on our large chalkboard wall.  I am sure that I will share them in the coming months.  I do know that I will be shooting everyday (almost) and participating in a 10 on 10 (10 images on the 10th of every month).  The habit of shooting everyday this last year still has me energized to keep at it.  I have loved it and I feel good knowing that I have created a lasting memory for my children.  I have learned that I create a lot of bad images and that is okay.  I am learning to see what I love in my work...and where I want to go with it.  It is going to be an exciting year.  Can't wait to see what it brings.